Hi, I'm Art and I'm from the Windy City (Chicago that is). I'm also a photographer and one of my specialties is pictures of Chicago.  I also have a lot of California pictures, many from La Jolla and elsewhere in Southern California.  I take a lot of flower pictures too.

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I've stored all of my pictures at arthill.smugmug.com for several years now.
The table below is here just to cover some older work

Rhine Cruise 2014
Florida 2014
California Fall 2013
Michigan 2013
Indianapolis 2013
California March 2103
Florida 2013
Milwaukee 2012
National Parks Tour
Springfield Illinois
Hawaii 2012
Paris and Switzerland
Arizona 2011
California 2011
Florida 2010
Segway Tour 2010
Wisconsin 2010
Michigan 2010
Tall Ship Festival 2010
Chicago July 2010
Mediterranean Odyssey
London 2009
California 2009
Lake Geneva, WI 2009
Galena 2009
Key Largo 2009
Hawaii 2008
Wisconsin 2008
California 2008
Virginia & Washington DC
California 2007
Budapest, Vienna, Prague
Our Mediterranean trip
Madison, Wisconsin
New York
Freeport Bahamas
Captiva, Florida
La Jolla
New York City

Miami Beach
Our Mediterranean trip
Boston, Martha's Vineyard, Newport
Hawaii 04
Charlotte SC
Hilton Head
USS Yorktown
Savannah, Georgia

Magnolia Plantation
Audubon Swamp


Aerial Photos of Chicago
2005 Air and Water Show
Oak Street Beach/Mich Ave

Chicago Tour
Around Chicago
Chicago Views
Chicago River

Chicago Reflections
Downtown Chicago Christmas

Recent Chicago
Chicago River and Lake Michigan

Millennium Park
Old Town and Gold Coast

Other Places
Holland to Switzerland
New Orleans
Maui, Hawaii
Sedona Arizona
Niagra Falls
San Francisco
Keukenhof Gardens
Napa Valley
Miami Beach
New Orleans
Newport Beach
British Isles

Las Vegas
Seattle, Vancouver
Washington DC
Alexandria VA


New York

  • Times Square
  • Ground Zero
  • People
  • Trinity Church
  • New York 2005

  • A tribute to my Mom

    I use a great photosharing site.  Check it out at
    http://arthill.smugmug.com/  If you decide to join, use coupon
    qM2NMiCheGNbM to get a $5 discount. I've also been posting to Flickr. It's more of a community oriented site.