Eulogy delivered by Rich Hill for

Nadine C. Hill

September 17, 1919 Ė November 13, 2004


We are here today for two reasons. One is to mourn the loss of a loved one, and the other is to celebrate her life.  If you knew my Mom, you would know that she would want us to spend a lot more time celebrating than mourning.


I wanted to touch on several different roles she filled during her lifetime.


First, she was a Loving Wife

She met my father, at one of her five jobs, at Hillís Tea Room, and shortly became engaged.  They were married in February 1942, and my Dad left for boot camp in April.  So the first three + years of their marriage was by correspondence.  She wrote my Dad every day for those three + years, and my Dad lugged those letters around all over Egypt and Europe.  We still have the letters, as well as my Dadís return letters.  They were married for 42 years.  It was a perfect partnership, and a beautiful, loving relationship.


She was a Mother of three boys

My Mom stayed at home until we were all in school, then began her teaching career again. She was always a cheerleader, and a positive role model.  She started all three boys in piano lessons.  I was the only one who took a lasting interest, and she carted me once a week for 10 years of lessons. She took us all to Sunday school starting at an early age. She was very active in the church all of her life.  She encouraged and helped all three boys through college, and took pride in the fact that we all got our degrees.  As the three of us got married, she developed a close relationship with her daughters-in-law, she was a second Mom to all three.


She was a Grandmother to 10; she helped the eight oldest go to college.


She was a Great Grandmother to 5


My Mom was a Teacher

She taught at the high school and junior college level for over 30 years.  She once said that she taught for her love of teaching, and frankly was not sure of her salary.  The money was secondary.  I believe that teaching young men and women helped keep her young, and open-minded.


She was a Learner

She never stopped her yearning to learn something new.  She was the only one of seven children to attend college, and completed a bachelorís degree with a double major in only three years.  She then completed her masterís degree at Northwestern University.  At age 62, she took a class in computers, so she could begin teaching that class the next semester.  She took classes in calligraphy, steam cleaning a car engine, Spanish, knitting, and the list goes on and on.  She always wanted to play the piano, and decided to learn in her late 70ís


And last, but not least, she was A Good Friend

This was never more evident than two nights ago at her visitation service.  It was almost more than six of us could handle to greet and welcome all of her friends who came to give their respects.  We in her family knew what a wonderful person she was, but to hear the stories and kind words from those in her Sunday school class, those she bowled with, played bridge with, exercised with, and interacted with on a daily basis was so heart warming


She touched so many people in her life, in such a positive way, that she will live on in their hearts and minds forever.  God bless her soul. Weíll miss you, Mom.